Blog · September 16, 2023 0

Decide to manage your energy

We have precisely the same amount of time each day, but how much we manage to do in one day is very different, because the energy is different.

Do you decide what you do today based on your energy level, or do you create the energy you need to do what you want to do today?

Do you take over the energy surrounding you or do you find energy within yourself?

Do you react to the situation or control your energy?

These are your choices.

Do you want to manage your energy intentionally?

  1. Find out what gives you energy, and what robs you of your energy. Create a list of things and activities that give you energy. Keep this list nearby. If you feel like you lack energy, look at this list and find one thing to do that will give you energy.
  2. Generate good energy already in the morning. Do something every morning that creates value: do what makes you happy, and gives you a sense of success and a good feeling.
  3. Find your daily rhythm. Find out what times you are usually more efficient and plan your activities accordingly.
  4. Take care of your physical and mental health. Without health, there is no energy.
  5. Act consciously. “Where the focus goes, the energy flows” (A. Robbins).
  6. Charge your batteries on time. Plan moments of rest into each day and don’t forget to plan longer vacations as well.
  7. Always be present at the moment. When you do something, focus on that activity, when you rest, focus on rest. Avoid derailment.
  8. Create an environment that motivates you. Choose or create an environment where you feel good as much as possible.
  9. Talk positively and avoid drama. Words have power, use them well.
  10. Do awesome things with awesome people. Positive experiences and people are always motivating.

These are just a few activities that help manage energy.

You yourself create energy with your thoughts and actions. Take responsibility and decide what kind of energy you want in your life.

Take time to think and write down how you can manage your energy better.