Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on the development and performance of the whole team. It is a systemic developmental activity that helps to improve the performance of team members, the leader and the team as a whole, and thereby influences organisational and business performance.

Why come to team coaching?
  • Clarity and better cooperation towards common goals
  • Better cooperation and communication between team members
  • Improved performance of the team and its members
  • Improved business performance through team performance
  • Improved cooperation between the team and its stakeholders
  • Less conflicts and improved conflict management skills
  • Improving change management
What are the prerequisites for team coaching?
  • The team has common goals and the autonomy to implement changes in their unit.
  • Management supports team coaching
  • Team size of around 4-10 members
  • Team members and manager are willing to give and receive feedback and, if necessary, individual coaching.
  • The assumption that team members remain the same or change minimally during the coaching process.
Team coaching process
  1. An initial meeting to understand the situation and find out if team coaching is the right way to develop the team (conversation with the team leader).
  2. Assessment of the team’s current situation (interviews with different stakeholders or questionnaire)
  3. Agreeing objectives and cooperation with the team
  4. Coaching meetings with the team
  5. Review of the results of the team coaching, comparison with the initial objectives.

The exact process and number of meetings will depend on the team’s objectives and needs.

Possible to have also individual coaching sessions with the manager and/or team members.

My team coaching education:

Global Team Coaching Institute

October 2021- January 2022 – Team Coaching Gateway Program

February 2022 – December 2022 – Team Coaching Practitioner Program – Complex Adaptive Systemic Team Coaching PERILL stream

WBECS 2021 & 2022

Different seminars about team coaching.


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